Breast Cancer and Career Transitions: Paving a New Path. Vol. 10

In 2010, I was immersed in the corporate world, working diligently as a personnel records coordinator for an advertising agency. My career was promising, and the future looked bright. Little did I know that life had a different plan for me.
In the fall of the same year, I made a bold decision. I decided to pursue higher education, enrolling at John Jay College. The journey was rigorous, but I persevered, and in the summer of 2012, I proudly earned my bachelor's degree in economics. It was a moment of triumph and a step toward my envisioned career.

However, fate had its timeline. Shortly after graduation, a life-altering diagnosis rocked my world: breast cancer. The promising career I had envisioned took an unexpected turn as my focus shifted to a different battle—the fight for my health. October 2012 through around May 2014 were consumed by intense treatments and the resilience required to navigate them.

Now, over a decade later, I'm still on the path to recovery, healing from the physical and emotional toll of cancer treatment. It's been a long and challenging road, and I acknowledge there's still a distance to travel.

In 2022, a new chapter unfolded. I transitioned from the buttoned-up world of HR to a more creative endeavor. Alongside my Big Brother, I launched our own Shopify store, and in a separate venture started the following year, I delved into the world of self-publishing under the pen name C. R. Joy. With seven books already published on Amazon KDP and many more in the pipeline, I'm embracing my passion for writing and creativity.

One of my latest projects is a calendar for sale on this site and a series of guided journals covering various topics for the entire year. Through my work, I've discovered a sense of purpose and joy in empowering myself and others.
As I look ahead, I plan to expand my creative pursuits soon. My focus remains on empowerment and upliftment for myself and those who join me on this journey.

Check out the calendar here:

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I am fully engaged in your story and looking forward to your next blog. Thank you for sharing your story.

George Robinson

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